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Jim Yoakum

Hi, Jim Yoakum here.

Jim Yoakum is a professional writer, novelist, screenwriter and musician. Jim Yoakum is the author of non-fiction books and novels. Jim Yoakum is the screenwriter of three produced movies.  Jim Yoakum is also a professional drummer.

Jim Yoakum's Background

Jim Yoakum's Experience

Associate Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson

April 1998 - February 2003 | Atlanta, GA

Oversaw three creative teams. Produced creative for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Jim Yoakum's Education


1977 – 1981


Concentration: Little

Activities: Staring out of windows

Jim Yoakum's Interests & Activities

History, humor, politics, music, writing, movies, books, women

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